I don’t come here often anymore because I think I want to avoid the “I told you so “comments.
Its been nearly two and a half years from D-Day, with TT all the way. Two years from finding out it continued behind my back for some time. And I still hear over and over the empty promises that she will do the things we have talked about.
To the best of my knowledge its been over. There is still very little trust. Im sorry I can’t paint a rosier picture today but it’s where I am.
I do look in here from time to time and see how many people still look at this blog. I remember how much I could just pour out my feelings here, and all the comments from others. So for those of you who are new here, welcome. And for those you have kept an eye out on my blog, thank you.
Im still here.

She told me this morning that the lady she caravans with emailed her and wants her to go today. In case anything happens to either car, and to avoid weather on the way.
After looking at her emails and seeing there wasn’t anything like that I asked her why she said that. Her story changed that the lady asked her last night. She said she never told the other lady the she planed in leaving Monday or Tuesday. And thy she didn’t want to upset her.
So I wonder why she didn’t say anything last night. She just got up an decided to go today. She didn’t call her to tell her he decided to leave today. But the other lady is already going to be at the shop to meet her today. Doesn’t that sound like she told her she would meet he there. Why didn’t she tell me yesterday.
I told her today that all the continued lies and omitted facts are what’s eroding our relationship. In the past two years this hasn’t changed.
How can I trust someone who continues to act this way?
” I didn’t think it was a big deal”
” I didn’t want to upset you”
” I’m not talking to him anymore”
It’s been the same answers for two years including times where I found out she was completely lying. Is this a good way to build trust?
She said she would wait and go tomorrow but I told her just to go today. He asked if it was because I was upset with her an I answered yes.
These are the consequences of her actions. Not punishment for her choices.

Well, I was just informed, she will be going on her annual business trip next week.
I guess I can say, I knew she would.
Over the last month I’ve been waiting to hear something about it. I finaly asked her about it last week. She told me she didn’t think she was going so she decided not to say anything.
So today she says the owner D, her mother (works for the same company) and her decided that she will go.

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